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Many years ago the farmers and livestock on the Seiseralm were plagued by numerous poisonous snakes that lived there. One summer, during which an unusually large number of cattle had been bitten, a thin little man visited the dairyman on the Alm, inquiring how it was with him. The dairyman complained at length about the snakes and the trouble they brought.

After listening to the dairyman, the little man gave him a book with the instructions that he should make a great fire, draw a  circle near the fire with a consecrated object, enter the circle and begin reading from the book. The little man warned the dairyman that he would see and hear terrible things but that he should not be afraid and not leave the circle, otherwise he would be doomed. After the little man had finished speaking he vanished.

The dairyman did as he was told. He built a fire, drew the circle, entered it and began to read from the book. As he read, one snake after another came slithering and hissing out of the darkness and threw itself into the flames.

When the last of the snakes had been taken by the flames, the dairyman saw a huge, white serpent, the great Worm of the Seiseralm, approach. It reared up, its fangs dripping poison, lunging for the dairyman who was very afraid and would have fled but for the warning from the little man to stay in the circle. Finally, after a terrifying few moments, the white snake leaped hissing into the flames and burned. Since that day, the Seiseralm has been free of poisonous snakes.


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