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In Bozen, in what is now the district of Rentsch, there once stood a beautiful and rich city.

The vines grew far up the hills and life was abundant. But despite their good fortune and prosperity the city's inhabitants grew arrogant and dissatisfied with life. Some amongst them decided to stage a great feast and to skin a bull alive for their amusement. The mighty tortured animal roared with pain and its misery should have stirred the stoniest hearts. But the inhabitants of the city laughed at the animals distress and danced around the fire where the animal was to be roasted. Suddenly the sky grew dark and a terrible storm broke over the city and the earth began to tremble. A part of the mountain overlooking the city broke loose and buried the whole city and its sinful inhabitants. In its place over time the peaceful village of Rentsch arose with a church dedicated to St Laurentius, the patron of butchers.

Some say that in the bottom of the old village fountain lies the ruined church tower of the old city.

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