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The Emperor in Vienna once had a court giant famed for his strength. The Emperor made it known that whoever beat his giant in a wrestling match could marry his daughter but whoever was defeated would be thrown into his dungeons. 
One after the other men tried to defeat the giant and  become the Emperor's son-in-law, but none succeeded. At that time there lived in Deutschnofen a farmer named Titsch who was famed for his strength and courage and he heard of the Emperor's challenge and decided to go to Vienna to try his luck. When Titsch arrived and introduced himself to the emperor the giant was sent for. Seeing Titsch, the giant grinned and said to the Emperor: "He's got a big mouth, but I'll stuff it for him!" Titsch politely approached the giant to introduce himself and stretched out his hand to greet him. Taking his hand, the giant cried out: "Let me go, let me go!" wincing with pain. Titsch's friendly handshake had almost broken the giant's hand. The giant refused to wrestle with Titsch and gave up without a fight.

So the Emperor prepared to give Titsch his daughter in marriage as promised but Titsch waved him off and said he had already a wife at home. The grateful Emperor promptly sent him on his way with a bag of gold as a reward!

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