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Not so long ago an old countess lived alone in the ancient castle of Karneid. Her family had moved away many years before and most of the castle was abandoned, slowly falling into ruin.

Sometimes in the summer months the kindly old countess would be visited by her grandchildren. The old countess would allow the children to explore the whole castle except the library where she kept her precious old books and a beautiful old golden typewriter. This typewriter was used by the countess to write fairy stories that she would tell her grandchildren in the long summer evenings and these stories were so beautiful that the children were sure that the typewriter must be magic. 

One day the countess's grandson Otto snuck into the library to take a closer look at the typewriter. As his grandmother lay dozing in the midday heat in her armchair nearby, the young boy quietly sat down in front of the machine and began to carefully press down first one key and then another as he had seen his grandmother do. As he pressed each key the little arm to which it was attached swung forward and pressed the shape of a letter on to a sheet of thick paper loaded into the machine. As Otto pressed key after key, words began to appear on the paper. Otto could tell they were words because he recognised some of the letters but he couldn't tell what they said because he hadn't yet learnt to read. Otto happily carried on pressing the different keys until he saw his grandmother sitting in her armchair looking at him.
"Otto! You have been a naughty boy sneaking into my library and playing with my things," the countess said smiling.

"I'm sorry" Otto said, "I wanted to try out your typewriter and couldn't resist".

"So, have you discovered what is special about my typewriter?"

"I think so. If you press the keys on the machine then letters and words appear on the paper."

"That's right Otto, and what do you think the words say?"

"I don't know, do they tell one of your beautiful stories?"

"Shall we have a look and see?"

The old lady got up and gently pulled the sheet of paper from the typewriter. It was covered in the jumble of words and letters that Otto had happily typed. She sat down next to Otto, pulled on her glasses and with a twinkle in her eye began to read,
"Once upon a time, in land far, far away....."

and Otto listened happily to his grandmother tell another of her beautiful stories.


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