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King Laurin was a dwarf king who lived in the mountains and mined them for precious jewels and valuable ores. He lived in a subterranean palace made of sparkling quartz but his special pride and joy was the rose garden located at the entrance to his underground castle. 

One day King Laurin saw the beautiful Princess Similde riding in the hills near his garden and fell in love with her. Putting on a magical cap of invisibility, he abducted her to his underground realm. Similde's father the King called upon the bravest knights in the land to rescue her. The knights Hartwig & Dittich & the mighty Prince Dietrich of Bern set forth to rescue Similde.

King Laurin was confident that no-one would ever be able to rescue Similde because as well as his magical cap of invisibility, he also possessed a belt that gave him superhuman strength. But Dietrich had a clever squire named Hildebrand who told him how to sneak up on Laurin by looking out for where the roses swayed as Laurin walked in his garden. Dietrich hid amongst the flowers and as Laurin walked by jumped up, tore off his belt and cap and took him prisoner. Furious at his capture, King Laurin cursed the magical garden that had betrayed him; "Not by day and not by night, shall man enjoy your lovely sight" and immediately, the garden disappeared. It remains invisible to this day, except at twilight, the time between day and night, when the rose garden can be glimpsed glowing pink amongst the mountains of King Laurin's old domain in the Rosengarten.

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