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Long ago, when there was still magic in the world the Lord of Karneid lived happily with his wife and retinue within his castle walls. The years passed and the country remained at peace and the people prospered. But with nothing to want for, the Lord became lazy and greedy. His wife continued to devote herself to the upkeep of the castle, its beautiful flower garden and the wellbeing of its inhabitants but he became fat and lascivious. He ate and drank and began lusting after the serving girls in the castle, desiring one in particular as his mistress. Some say this girl was a witch and that she persuaded him that if he killed his wife then she would become his mistress and make him young and virile again.

One night the Lord lured his kindly wife to the well in the innermost courtyard of his castle and drowned her. When her body was discovered the next morning the cruel Lord declared it suicide and her grieving retinue buried her in her beloved flower garden. That same day the garden collapsed, crashing into the steep valley below, taking her body with it.

The Lord lived out his days in Karneid alone and in misery, abandoned by his retinue and the witch maiden. All this took place long ago but when the gardens in the valleys bloom in summer, the kindly ghost of the lady of the well sometimes returns to visit the castle. She ensures that the house is in order and that its inhabitants are safe & content and often visitors will feel her calming presence on warm summer nights. 

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