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During the time of the crusades there lived a rich knight in Castle Hauenstein. Filled with the crusaders urge, the knight decided to travel to the holy land. Before leaving, he gathered food and drink in the castle and then locked up his beautiful young wife with a single servant within the castle walls. As jealous as he was, he did not want anyone to visit his young spouse during his absence, which he planned to be a year at most.  
A little while after the knight's departure the beautiful young wife realised she was pregnant and her loneliness was eased by the thought of the arrival of her first baby. In time a healthy baby boy was born, the spitting image of his father. The first few months of the young child's life flew by and his mother began to look forward to her husbands return. The days and weeks passed but there was no sign of the knight. With the supply of food running out the young woman with her child and the maid, began to fear she might starve to death. Day after day passed without the knight returning and the last of the food was consumed.

When the knight finally returned home, he found the faithful maid lying dead in the courtyard and his wife dead in a window niche with his son at her breast, having breathed his last. At this sight the knight fell to the ground howling with grief, dying of a broken heart the same day. The family were buried together in the cemetery in Kastelruth but in some years (when the harvest has been particularly plentifu), in the days after Michaelmas, the ruins of Castle Hauenstein are said to still echo with the howls of the grieving knight.

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