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In the Sexten Valley lies the Innerfeld Alm high alpine pasture which is haunted by a kobold (an invisible goblin) called the Innerfeldmanndl.

No human has ever seen the Innerfeldmanndl, but cattle and sheep can sense its malevolent presence. Since ancient times, this mischief maker has haunted the animals on their first, second or third nights on the alm after they have been driven there in the spring in the annual ritual of transhumance. 

During these first three days the herds are kept in enclosures called 'ministers' by the locals and whilst the animals are in the ministers, the Innerfeldmanndl will try to do its mischievous work. It comes at night and blows into the ears and around their feet of the cattle, creating eddies and whirlwinds of leaves and stalks that fly up, spinning like tops and unsettling the animals which become restless, agitated and nervous, giving poor milk and making work for the farmers. But the cattlemen and shepherds know what to do - they curse and swear and shout the very worst profanities into the night to chase away the Innerfeldmanndl. As they do so the creature will try all the harder to torment the animals in the enclosures, and they become more and more restless until the first of them jumps out of the enclosure after which calm suddenly descends on the herds and the mischievous goblin seems to vanish.
The cattle herder Andre Steidl from Innichen, a good Christian, was famous for knowing the very best curses to chase away the Innerfeldmanndl and his cattle were known to be the fattest and happiest with the creamiest milk on the alm.

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