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One day a farmer in Enneberg said to himself,

"The nuts look ripe and ready to harvest so today after work, I will go up to the old castle and gather nuts for my family."

After he had finished his work in the fields, up he went away to the local castle ruins, and threshed and gathered nuts until night began to fall. When he had finished and was preparing to go home, he glanced up at the tree again to see whether there were still any nuts to be gathered and was astonished to see a beautiful maiden sitting high in the tree. The maiden began to sing beautifully and the farmer stopped what he was doing to listen to the maiden's beautiful voice. When she paused, he asked her what she was doing sitting on the tree and singing. And the maiden answered,

"I am singing because I am happy. The spell that has bound me here since this tree was a seedling will only be lifted when the tree is cut down, a cradle is made from its wood and a newborn child is laid in it. This child will grow up and is destined to become a priest and on the day he says his first Mass I will be released from my spell. I have waited many years to be free and will have to wait a few more but the tree will be felled soon because it is old and rotten and I will be a little closer to freedom, so I am singing from happiness." 


Astonished and humbled the farmer returned home gratefully to his family with his harvest of nuts.


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