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On a farm in Unter Völs there lived a good and pious girl who used to attend mass in her local village church every day but because the farm was far away from the church she always had to get up very early before dawn in order be back in time from mass for work.


One night she woke in the dark and thinking she had heard the bell ringing for early mass jumped out of bed, hurrying so as not to be late. When she reached the church it was still dark, the church door was open but she could see no-one inside. "Better too early than too late," she thought, knelt down in a pew and began to pray.


As she knelt and prayed, she saw no one enter the church but suddenly it was as if she could hear several people praying behind her, murmuring in low voices she could not understand. Nervously, she looked behind her but could see no one. Suddenly the church clock struck midnight and she felt something tugging at her sleeve in the darkness. The girl looked around in fright and by the faint light of a church lamp saw the face of her beloved grandfather who had died the year before. The girl shivered in fright and when the ghost noticed this, he said: "Annie, don't be frightened but you must leave the church now because you see the night time belongs to us spirits. Before you get to the door, leave something as an offering and nothing will happen to you. The next moment the terrified girl saw the floor open up next to her in the church and ghosts floating up from the vaults below. Throwing her shawl on the floor she ran from the church and without looking back down the path and home.


The next morning her shawl was found by the priest lying on the church floor torn into a thousand pieces laid out in the shape of a cross. 

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