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In the the steep rock face that rises above the village of Deutschmetz near Trient, there is an ancient grotto in which lie the ruins of Kronmetz Castle. Once upon a time many years ago, a basilisk lived in this cave, a hideous animal with a jagged crest on its head, two fiery eyes, two huge wings and two tails. When the creature flew out of the cave above Deutschmetz over the valley, blazing bright as a comet, local inhabitants fled. A drop of its blood was enough to burn a man to ashes and it's smallest breath was deadly poisonous.

One day the brave Count Firmian set out to kill the basilisk armed only with a lance, a mirror and a bucket of milk. Approaching the monsters cave carefully in the early morning whilst it slept, he placed the bucket of milk and the mirror at the cave entrance and hid nearby. Smelling the milk, the basilisk crawled out of the cave and began to drink and upon seeing it's reflection in the mirror it reared up in anger & fright.

Leaping forward Count Firmian hurled his iron lance into the animal's outstretched body killing it instantly. Full of the joys of victory, Firmian speared the dead basilisk on his lance to carry it down into the valley below. But  a drop of poison fell from the basilisks wound on to the knight's hand and the brave warrior burst into flames, perishing instantly.

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